Missing Lawrence

I moved from Arizona almost 20 years ago and somehow I believe that it is exactly how I left it. It will always be the place of my youth, the place where I first skinned my knee, the place where I first got my heart broke, and the place where I spent countless nights listening to live music. I believe that time has stood still and I can still find my way to smoke-filled Long Wong’s and there will be Lawrence Zubia belting out “Nothing Lasts Forever.”

Lawrence died the morning of December 19, 2020. Like so many, I was so shocked and saddened when I heard the news. Since then, I have had The PistolerosHang On To Nothing album on repeat. We miss you Lawrence. Thank you for the music, the soundtrack of my youth. As a way to channel my sadness I carved a memorial lino. I have made a limited edition of 30 prints to honor Lawrence. The prints are hand-pulled relief prints using Speedball Professional Supergraphic Black ink, 9 x 12 on Japanese Kozo paper. I would like to share these prints with other fans. I just ask for the cost of postage and I would love it if you would consider making a donation to Lawrence’s charity of choice Shot in the Dark Phoenix. Please email me at or direct message me if you are interested in getting one.