Dream Big

Christmas card with a yellow VW bug with a giant candy cane tied on top.

We all need to dream big this year! I’m excited to share with you my very first handmade Holiday card! Each card is hand stamped, hand painted and signed on archival high quality 140lb watercolor paper. Each one is truly a one of a kind. The print is 5 x7 and can be removed for easy framing. Order one today, limited quantities. $11.50 (free shipping in USA). Please email me or direct message me via Instagram or Facebook. (Actual online shop coming soon!) Happy Holidays!

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Making of a Dolly Christmas 2020

A Bleuette doll is Dreaming of a Dolly Christmas!

I’m so excited to work with my sister Bebe Brown to bring you a Dolly Christmas. I have designed and hand made items that can be purchased through Bebe Brown’s Doll Haul. I was inspired by an adorable Blythe doll that is part of Bebe’s personal collection. I also used a beautiful antique doll and a Bleuette doll for inspiration. Here I will give you a little tour of how these items were made.

It all starts with a pencil sketch on tracing paper. I then flip the image and transfer it to the rubber block. And then it is all about the carving! I use a speedball cutter and a basic pink rubber block.

I got a little help making the wooden blocks in order to mount the stamps. Each stamp was coated three times with a substance called polyurethane.

It was so much fun turning my studio into Santa’s workshop! If you want more information please visit Bebe Brown’s Doll Haul. Thanks!

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Stars and Stripes!

Happy Fourth of July everyone! What a year this has been. I recently had the opportunity to create a custom image, “Stars and Stripes” for a dolly celebration my sister, Bebe Brown was hosting. Bebe is a doll enthusiast and she runs the company Bebe Brown’s Doll Haul. To celebrate Independence Day this year she put together mystery boxes for her customers and I made this custom print to be included in the boxes. I hand- colored four versions of this image. Each box had a signed and numbered reproduction. The proceeds from the 4o boxes sold went to fund a non-profit doll hospital/info center in Arizona. It has meant so much working with my big sis on this project.